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Why Us

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We are manufacturers of speciality chemicals based in Nagpur, India with more than three decades of experience in developing and manufacturing next-generation speciality formulations for applications across textile, powder paint, paper, and care industries.

RAN Chemicals - Why Us - Expertise



Our Expertise lies in manufacturing of water soluble polyester resin, carboxylated polyester resin for powder paint, low molecular weight water soluble polyesters and fatty acid esters and surfactant formulations.



Our Strengths arise from:

  • Decades of extensive experience of our management team in applied chemistry.
  • Regular knowledge upgradation to maintain awareness of market developments and changing scenarios.
  • Regular customer communication to understand changing requirements and flexibility to supply tailor-made products to required specifications.
  • Manufacturing synergies across industry verticals, which translate into cost savings.
RAN Chemicals - Why Us - Focus



Our Focus is on:

  • Continuous improvements in products through R&D. We have a fully equipped research laboratory, strong team of qualified engineers, as well as pilot plant facilities, where most of our speciality formulations have been developed.
  • Ensuring consistent product quality through quality control audits of each batch / order before dispatch.
  • Providing prompt technical support to our customers as required.
  • Learning and implementing new technologies and engineering processes.
  • Improving and upgrading in-house systems to improve productivity and decrease down-time.

Sustainability and resource conservation are Our Priorities in the product development phase, along with a continuous performance comparison with products currently available in the market.