RAN Chemicals Specialities for Textile, Powder-Paint, Paper & Care



Manufacturers and exporters of specialty chemicals and polymers.

Acrylics: Water based emulsions, inverse emulsions, acrylic dispersion in water etc.

Polyester: Water based polyester resin & carboxyl terminated polyester resin and polymeric surfactants.



Textile: Sizing polymers, pretreatment, printing thickeners, dyeing and printing additive, washing, garments additives& finishing softener.

Paint: Polyester resin for powder paint.

Paper: De-inking chemicals, bulk improver, refining aid, digester cooking aid, stickies control, dry strength additive and tissue softener.

Care Chemicals: Detergent additive, cleaning chemical, non-woven finishing additive and personal care additives.


Plant Location: Nagpur (Center of India)
Land Size: 50000 sq. mt.
Capacity: 10000 Tonnes per annum.
Employment: 200



From lab scale synthesis facilities to pilot plant of various sizes like 12L, 30L, 50L, 100L & 500L. 25 dedicated persons are working in research and application believing in continuous development.

Plant Facilities

The plant is equipped with micro-processor based system for minimal variations in quality. Modern engineering for safe operations and infrastructure to produce eco-eriendly, efficient and economical products.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategies

Superior product performance with better economics.

Systems for Consistency

We are ISO certified company (9001:2008). At RAN Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. systems are followed in detail from incoming of raw material, production, quality control till dispatch.

Marketing Network

Large network of dealers and a team of competent technical executives for sales and services.



We have sizable percentage of turnover as exports in Europe and other countries as our products are able to compete with products from multinationals in performance and quality.



As we grow, we are continuously working to meet the global challenges of the future by producing sustainable innovative products while reducing the overall impact on the environment.