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  • Largest manufacturer of high molecular weight water soluble polyester polymers in India.
  • Our product range includes water soluble polyester resin for spun yarn and filament yarn sizing.
  • Substitute PVA and acrylic polymers.
  • Products are specially designed to meet all future requirement of performance and bio-degradability.
  • We export and supply a wide range of sizing chemicals for various applications for cotton, blends, polyester spun, etc.
  • We have established good exports for sizing polymers in many countries like Western Europe, Turkey, Indonesia, South America and China.

Spun Yarn Sizing

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Specially engineered for better bio-degradability, this low viscosity water soluble polyester resin can replace PVA or Acrylic in spun yarn sizing as well as cotton.

Sizing for Terry Towel

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Acrylic Binder

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Filament Yarn Sizing

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Highly efficient polyester resin for filament yarn sizing that can compete against acrylics with less pick-up and better loom efficiency.

Sizing Lubricant

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Efficient ester based functional polymeric hydrophilic lubricant.

Yarn Softener

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Hydrophilic polymeric finishing softener. Durable finish with excellent surface smoothness.


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