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R-SOFT (D) for Higher Bulk and Better Properties

R-SOFT (D) is a finishing softener with distinctive chemistry that imparts a range of characteristics. A revolutionary product that can be used as an additive or diluent along with cationic and silicone softener. Unique non-ionic polymeric base hydrophilic diluent for cationic and silicones softeners it can be used on its own as non-ionic softener and can also be blended with cationic & silicone softeners to further improve performance and reduce cost.

Benefits to the customer

  • Non-ionic hydrophilic softener concentrated base R-SOFT (D)
  • Improves performance and economics
  • Better softness, improved hydrophilicity and lesser yellowing
  • Reduces silicone slippage
  • Retains better strength of the fabric
  • Improves sew-ability

Can be mixed with cationic & silicones at equal cost

1 kg Cationic flakes = 0.50 kg Cationic flakes + 0.20 kg R-SOFT (D) 100 % + 0.30 kg Water

1 kg Hydrophobic Silicone 40% = 0.65 kg Hydrophobic Silicone 40% + 0.225 kg R-SOFT (D) 100% + 0.125 kg Water

1 kg Hydrophilic Silicone 40% = 0.785 kg Hydrophilic Silicone 40% + 0.165 kg R-SOFT (D) 100% + 0.05 kg Water

Our Silicone softeners use special emulsion formulation and technology
Superior performance. Highly competitive.