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Our textile finishing product line comprises of entire range of specially designed finishing softeners, both cationic and silicone and finishing aids for moisture management and soil release for cotton, knits, yarn, towel and garment for both export and domestic market.

Finishing Softeners

Our unique concept softeners can reduce or replace the use of cationic flakes, silicone softeners and hydrophilic silicone softeners. These finishing agents are less yellowing in nature and can be designed as per required specifications. We offer a comprehensive range of softeners that are formulated for softness, smoothness, water absorption, moisture management etc.

Diluent for silicones and cationic

R-SOFT (D) is a finishing softener with distinctive chemistry that imparts a range of characteristics. A revolutionary product that can be used as an additive or diluent along with cationic and silicone softener.

Silicone Softeners

Our silicone softener product line offers effective combination of softness, hydrophilicity, surface smoothness and bulk as required.

Hydrophilic silicone

Hydrophobic silicone

Ready to use Product

We offer a wide range of softener blends to replace conventional silicones and cationic and provide improved performance at reduced cost.

Cationic Blends

Economical cationic softener blend with excellent results.



Silicone Blends

Different grades of silicone blends with superior softness and surface smoothness.

Hydrophobic (For Padding)

Hydrophilic (For Terry Towel)

General Purpose (For Padding & Exhaust)

Finishing Aid

An innovative line of finishing aids ranging from anti-backstaining agent for garment, hydrophilic finishing aid to soil releasing agent. Developed using cutting-edge chemistry our finishing aids are specially customized to suite customer requirement and processes.

Anti-Backstaining for Garment

Non-ionic anti-backstaining agent with excellent anti-tinting properties for application in both denim & non-denim.

Hydrophilic Finishing Aid For Polyester

Low molecular weight polyester with good coating capability. Provides reasonable hairiness control for sizing application and can be used on cotton, polyester-cotton and polyester viscous blended yarn and PSF yarn.

Soil Releasing Agent

Excellent anti-redepositing properties with good detergency and softness.



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