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Our Dyeing range of products include single component leveling & dispersing agent based on water soluble polyester resin and high alkali stable dyeing aids for different substrates.


Unique dispersing & leveling agent based on high molecular weight polyester resin can compete any available product in the market. Depending on the requirement one can also use our hard water stable non-ionic dyeing aid.

Single component dispersing cum leveling

This single component auxiliary can compete existing auxiliaries at ease with better performance and economics.


Non-ionic surfactant based dispersing & leveling auxiliaries for reactive & vat dyeing application.

Reactive dyeing aid

Cost effective high performance leveling agent for cotton, PV/PC, fibers, yarns & fabrics.


Retarding agent for acrylic and cationic with application in fiber, yarn and fabric dyeing.

Retarding agent for acrylic dyeing