High molecular weight water soluble polyester based anionic multifunctional single product for dispersing & leveling of disperse dyes on substrates like polyester fibers, yarns and fabrics.

This ready to use auxiliary is made by using water soluble polyester resin, RFT-100 (S) (100 % solid in granule form) and surfactant system RS-75.

RS-75 can also be used on its own as a dispersing leveling agent in very hard water conditions where RFT-250 (S) may not be suitable.

Benefits to the customer

  • High molecular weight polyester RFT-100 (S)
  • Suitable for all substrates - yarn, fiber & fabric
  • Better brilliancy and color yield
  • Superior migration properties
  • Helps in oligomer control
  • Re-levelling can be done by RS-75 (any other product can also be used)
  • RS-75 can be used as a single component dispersing levelling agent in hard water conditions
  • RFT-250 (S) should not be used above water hardness 300 ppm without checking the compatibility

Literature Preview

(MSDS available upon request)